How the outcome of the Ferguson Riots affects us all

This morning I posted a rather long status on Facebook, detailing a brief overview for my friends and family about the on-going events in Ferguson and America, following the revelation that Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the cold-blooded murder of 18yo youth Michael Brown.

Now let me just communicate this, it was murder. According to reports and not the very obviously fabricated story made up by Darren Wilson, Michael Brown was effectively shot for jay-walking. Because crossing the road is definitely an offence that requires the use of a gun to deal with,

Now in my mind, from what has been gathered and publicized, I am without doubt that this was a racially-fueled murder. How else could you describe a shooting of an unarmed black youth by a white man from a whole 35ft away? The supremacists among us may claim that events like this happen on a daily basis, or that black people kill black people all the time so what is the big deal.

Well the big deal is this: The shooter was a cop. Not only that, there is an eye-witness who stepped forward and testified that Michael Brown said “hands up, don’t shoot”. What happened? Michael Brown ended up being embedded with six bullets after a total of twelve were fired. [Note: Recent reports have come to light suggesting that of 29 statements submitted to evidence, only two claimed that Brown did not put his hands up]

I went to bed last night, disgusted with the state of the American Justice System. I could not believe how a country could fail the people of America, could fail the Brown family and could fail Michael Brown so outstandingly. But it was when I woke up this morning that my eyes felt like they were opened. Almost like I had gone to sleep in one world and had woken up in another one entirely.

I was up early due to my morning shift and, as repetitive actions do, checking my Twitter TL once I am awake has become part of my morning routine. Cue several alarming discovery’s;

  • Finding America in disarray, with the National Guard actively supporting police depts. in shutting down both peaceful protests and riots up and down the country using varying means, including brute force and tear gas
  • Learning some terrible ‘home-truths’ about previous recent failures of the American Justice System
  • Having the notion of ‘American White Supremacy’ completely nailed into me

One of the most startling things I learnt though, was that it took Michael Brown and Ferguson to become trending topics on Twitter before newspapers and other media outlets began to report on what has happened. Not only that, but Darren Wilson, shooter and murderer, has allegedly made between $400,000 and $1,000,000 in appearance fees and interviews since being “cleared”. This man, a “cop” whose responsibility is to protect those around him, is being rewarded for committing a hate crime. His interview from tonight, that enhances his notorious standing as a “celebrity” is currently the most viewed video in America, alongside that of a 12yo boy being shot for playing with a toy gun [don’t get me started].

Since then, live streams from the riots have shown Bradley Tanks being moved in to Ferguson, whilst the rest of the world has begun to take notice. Even now, outside the US Embassy in London, there is a march in support of Michael Brown and Ferguson.

However, what happens next could be one of the most important reactions in recent history.

I would like to mention I am not out there, in America. and that I do not have first-hand evidence. However what I am witnessing, from news reports and social media, is a lot of anger, violence and destruction. From what is filtering down to me, in many cities in many states it has become a case of “The People vs The Police” and, if the National Guard truly are supoprting the Police Depts. then we know what side the Government are on.

Unfortunately, I am now of the belief that there can no longer be appeasement. Even if Darren Wilson had been indicted, questions would have – and quite rightly should have – been asked about the current state of affairs in America because no matter what angle you look at it, something has gone very wrong.

The time for ‘justice to be served’ has been and gone. A lack of authority and true leadership is beginning to separate the country. If they aren’t careful, these clashes between the people and the police could escalate to the point where we could see a country on the brink.

Imagine the scenario where America declares war on its people. Where is declares war on itself. The support given to the police has already demonstrated that the Government fear those they are meant to represent. Could we be witnessing the beginning of the fall of America? I for one hope not, because if America falls it affects us all. And all of a sudden we could find ourselves in a very tenuous position indeed.

UPDATE: 13:13pm, 27/11/14

Despite there being “photos” of Darren Wilson’s “supposed” injuries (photographic evidence and testimonial do not add up), there are are no such photos of Michael Brown’s body in the autopsy report because the examiner taking the photo’s claimed that ‘the batteries in his camera died


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