Callum’s 2015 Adventures: Interrailing pt. 5 Prague, Czech Republic

‘In Rome the statues, in Paris the paintings, and in Prague
the buildings suggest that pleasure can be an education’
– Caleb Crain

Day 11: Prague 26.08.15

Plan of Action:

  • Find our hostel
  • Bungy Jump
  • Visit Prague’s Cathedral

06:40 wake-up calls are not fun. Especially when they come after an awkward sleep on a night train. Still, despite our tiredness, we found our way tot he hostel with ease as there was a tram directly from the station. The place we were staying was a beautiful hostel called The Czech Inn that was everything you would want from somewhere and more. Plus, the prices were unbelievable!

However the rest of the morning became slightly derailed because, despite beautiful blue skies over Prague, my bungy jump off of Zvikov Bridge was cancelled by the organising company due to alleged “poor weather conditions”. Still. I learned that my cousin Maire was also in Prague so we met up and travelled into the heart of Prague’s Old Town. It was then that I learnt that Prague had steps. Lots of steps. What’s worse is the fact that it felt like we had to walk up all of them to get to see the Cathedral.


The view of Prague once you reached the top more than justified the amount of steps you had to walk up though. It was beautiful and, because there was such a clear sky, you could see for miles. The Cathedral was equally as impressive although for a variety different reasons.

Built in the Gothic style, the upper-half of the Cathedral has been polluted black whilst the lower-half retains a sandy-white colouring. The size of it was something to behold as well, comparable to Paris’ Notre Dame.


Whilst there, Maire and I watched what appeared to be a changing of the guards, which was rather impressive and drew a huge crowd.  Shortly after this, Maire and I said our goodbyes and I made my way back to the hostel to catch up on the sleep I hadn’t managed to get the previous night.

After I awoke, Faye and I went for dinner where I had traditional the Czech dish Svickova na Smetane; beef in a rich creamy sauce with sliced dumplings. It was after this we met our room-mates, two Dubliners by the names of Niall and Kevin who were visiting Prague on their way to London. We struck up an instant rapport with them.

They were both easy-going, kind and larger than life and, after a brief discussion, it was decided that all four of us would attend the pub crawl organized by the hostel that evening.

The first place we went to was called Sophie’s Bar which is part of Miss Sophie’s, another hostel in the city. There we were allowed to help ourselves to unlimited glasses of beer and sangria whilst playing beer pong. The second bar was one whose name I can’t recall, whilst the third was a cocktail bar called Nebe, which was a fun if expensive place to go. The final stop on the pub crawl was Karlovy Lazne, a 5-story disco club where each floor played a different style of music!

It was here that we got split up and all ended up making our own ways back to the hostel, arriving at different times and each of us proceeding to pass out.

Day 12: 27.08.15

Plan of Action:

  • Explore Prague

Today started out with the mother of all hangovers. In fact each of us were suffering so badly that we didn’t stir until near 1pm and, even then, that was because of our desire for food.

Boarding the tram to the far side of Prague, we found a quiet place to eat before going for a little explore. The first stop was a quick revisit to the Cathedral before heading down towards the Czech WWII memorial. Unlike other memorials throughout Europe, it was interesting to discover that this one was dated 1938-1945 because, for the Czech’s, that was the year in which their war began.

With no other specific plan for the day we kept exploring, happening across Old Town’s main square, the Astronomical Clock, and the opportunity to have a snake wrapped around your shoulders.


Not wanting to suffer at the hands of another pub crawl, our second night in Prague was a quiet one, filled with several card games and a couple of bottles of vodka in our hostel room.

Day 13: Prague – Vienna 28.08.16

Plan of Action:

  • Visit Charles Bridge
  • Rent a pedal boat
  • Travel from Prague to Vienna
  • Find our hostel

Niall and Kevin had an early flight into London so after saying our goodbyes to them, Faye and I made our way back into Prague’s Old Town and across to Charles Brdge so I could learn why it was such a desirable place to visit. And learn I did. Not only did it provide a wonderful view, the bridge itself was full of life and character. Up and down it were musicians and artists bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

After spending some time on the bridge we went and had a go on the pedal boats which provided us with a lot of enjoyment, even if it was a slight work-out for the legs! It also provided a great view of the Cathedral, rising up from behind Charles Bridge.


Following this, we went back to the hostel to get our bags before making our way to the station to board our train to Vienna. As it neared midnight we tiredly arrived at our hostel which was situated just outside the city.

We stumbled into our dorm room and quickly fell asleep, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore Vienna the next day.


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