My delight at having a morning routine

For the first time since finishing my GCSEs I have a bonafide morning routine. The main difference though, is that back when I was 15/16yo I was begrudging of the early mornings forced upon me by school. Now – aged 22 – I am revelling in the early starts that precede my day at work.

Currently I have two alarms set; one for 7am and one for 7.15am. After the second alarm goes off I head for the shower, get ready for work, eat breakfast, and leave for the bus stop. The earlier starts are also causing me to go to bed earlier and truthfully I am so grateful. I am getting more sleep, doing more with my days and finally, for the first time in more than 6 years, consuming three meals a day.

Accepting the early starts and facing them head on makes them so much easier. Embracing the early starts and maximising their potential sets me up for my entire day. Bringing  routine into my morning has ensure I have a routine both during the day and in the evening.

My meals are at consistent times day after day and my nights are becoming earlier. No longer do I fear being awake until 1am or 2am unable to sleep during the week because by the time the clock hits 10.30pm I am ready to settle down and sleep.

10.30pm bedtimes aren’t that bad either.

Say that to me last year though and I would have laughed in your face. Getting an “early night” was non-existant and not wanted. And though I may be going to sleep two or even three hours earlier than I used to, I am waking up three or four hours earlier than I was – and feeling more refreshed.

This is allowing me to do more things that I want to do, feel better whilst doing them and not feel like I am missing out on any part of the day. No longer am I idly wasting the time that I am lucky enough to have.

From Monday, I’ll be tampering with my routine. Since I began adjusting to the life of working in an office I have neglected my morning meditation which is something I am not satisfied with. So my aim is to wake up 15mins earlier and use that time to meditate in the morning, allowing me to enter the day with a clear, calm and focused mindset.

Having a morning routine has helped me bring a greater level of stability and continuity to my life than I believe I ever had before and, as a result, I couldn’t be more delighted than I am right now.


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