Decide that you can instead of thinking that you can’t

‘The road to success is not easy to navigate.
But with hard work, drive and passion,
it’s possible to achieve’ 

I am not one for New Years resolutions. In fact, I disagree with them. Why would you make a promise to yourself to do something on only one specific day of the year?

Everyone comes to a decision in their own time about what they do or don’t want to do. It’s those decisions that are more likely to stick, rather than something rushed because of this “new year, new me” nonsense. I mean, the amount of regular gym-goers I have heard saying that they can’t wait for January to finish so the gym get a little quieter is near ridiculous.

Anyway, today I worked out some goals to work towards for 2016:

  • Install a photography exhibition at the Luton Fringe Festival
    • (and have some people come to see it!)
  • Achieve a score of 20 in the NCPS Intermediate Photography Competition
  • Achieve a score of at least 18 in the NCPS Advanced Photography Competition
  • Sell some of my photographs
  • Learn how to draw properly
    • Draw a cityscape using pen only
    • Draw a tiger
    • Use watercolour
  • Become a more frequent blogger
    • Finish blogging about my European experiences
    • Blog about my Australia experience
  • Begin working a new script
  • Begin meditating again; twice a day, every day

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow’

Over the past two years photography has become a huge part of my life and I am heavily invested in it. Luton Fringe Festival is an amazing opportunity, not only because of the exposure, but also because I can use it as a platform to experiment with an idea I’ve been tinkering with for some time now. Fortunately I am likely to have the chance to be involved this year so this could really become a reality.

I have only recently become a member of the New City Photographic Society but it has already shown me I have much to learn, as well as introducing me to ways of approaching photography that I hadn’t considered before. I recently entered one of their internal competitions at the intermediate level with two images. Although they only gained scores of 14 and 15 there was a lot of positives to take away, especially in relation on how to improve. Once I smooth out the finer details I really do hope I will be able to achieve a score of 20.

Drawing is something I have always had an interest in, yet encouragement was sparse whilst I was in education. However, I want to be able to draw. Recent inspirations such as Kate Powell and Marc Allante have really been the driving force behind this. With practice, hard-work and application I believe I will create something to be proud of.

All of this is coming about because I have made the conscious decision that I can and will, rather than thinking that I can’t. I don’t want to hold myself back.

A persons mentality and resolve is a huge factor in everything that they do, especially if they do it well. It’s all about making the decision that you can and will, not thinking that you can’t. That’s how you hold yourself back. After you personally decide and tell yourself that you can, then it’s about application, practice and process. Nothing comes easy and if you don’t work hard you won’t improve. You will stagnate. If that’s the case, it’s only you holding yourself back.

‘Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice and, above all,
don’t let anyone limit your dreams’


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