Callum’s 2015 Adventures: Interrailing pt.13 Munich, Germany

‘My stay in Munich was the scene of my complete liberation’ – Marcel Duchamp

Day 26: Salzburg – Munich 10.09.2016

Plan of Action:

  • Travel to MunichFind my hostel
  • See Faye off onto her train to Stockholm

The penultimate day of my European adventure, and quite a strange one too. I was really unsure about what I wanted to do in Munich and, as the trip was coming to an overall end, I was feeling ready to come home.

Constantly  moving around had taken its toll on me and I was more than ready to just collapse. After all we had, on average, arrived in a new city every two days, and travelled to a new country every three.

It was an odd journey into Munich as well due to delays to many of the train services from Salzburg. This was because the travel embargo that we had witnessed being put into action in Budapest had been lifted, and so hundreds of of refugees were crossing into Germany and – in particular – cities like Munich. The carriages that held the refugees were overcrowded, although I only saw women, children and the elderly sat on seats, with many of the men either stood or sat on the floor. There were still plenty of carriages available for travellers to use though, presumably a decision made by the authorities to try and accommodate everyone.

Although at first we did not understand the decision for the refugees to be segregated from other travellers, it became abundantly clear when we arrived into Munich. Refugees were let off their carriages first and taken to a separate section of the station – presumably for identification checks and the like.

In the meantime Faye and I made our way through the barriers and outside of the station, starting the long walk to my hostel to drop off our bags. Since Faye had an evening train to catch, we decided that rather than potentially get lost exploring the city, we would have a quiet afternoon. We found a lovely little family run restaurant where we had a late lunch whilst conversing about our journey to date, including our favourite cities, our highlights of the trip, and what we’d do differently if we were to do it again.

A few games of yahtzee and a little walk later, we headed back to the station to wait for Faye’s train to whisk her off to Stockholm so she could continue on with the next part of her travels. We quickly said our goodbyes and I went back to the hostel to arrange my plans for the next day.

Considering neither Faye nor I knew each other before this journey began, we somehow managed to get on with each other, compromise on what we wanted to do, and enjoy ourselves, all whilst dealing with constant language changes and some very stressful situations. I will admit that I was sad to see her go.

Day 27: Munich – London 11.09.2016

Plan of Action:

  • Visit the Allianz Arena
  • Fly home

I had booked myself onto an early evening flight from Munich to London Luton, however I was unsure how long the journey to the airport from my hostel was, so I arranged for myself to be on the late-morning tour of Bayern Munich’s football stadium; the Allianz Arena. I am delighted that I did this tour as well, it was thoroughly enjoyable and made my final hours of this adventure very happy indeed.


To call the Allianz Arena “impressive” would be an understatement. It is absolutely monstrous. We walked around the press area, visited the interview room, and even went into the Bayern locker room. Moreover, the tour included walking through the tunnel to reach pitch-side. Emerging from the tunnel was an unbelievable experience, absolutely euphoric. You could just imagine how exuberant the crowd might be; I truly was in awe.

My favourite part of the tour was actually hidden away in the museum though; an interview with Bayern legends Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller and Karl-Heinz Rumenigge, conducted by current fan favourite Thomas Muller. Not only was it insightful, it was humours and just fantastic to watch.

Once my time at the Allianz came to an end, I found my way to the airport via quick visit to the hostel to grab my bag.
After 13 cities, 10 countries and 27 days, it was finally time to go home.


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