Unfinished Business – The Forgotten Blog Posts

Depending on the content, writing an insightful, effective blog post is time-consuming. You have to commit to it in either in a one-off marathon session, or over the course of some intense session spread out over several days and/or weeks.

And that’s where I fell down this summer.

The thing is, for the first time, I decided to delve into football-related blogging this summer. The subject? Liverpool Football Club.

It was a four part blog post series, analysing the current Liverpool Squad prior to the transfer window, with my own opinions on who should stay… and who should go. Unfortunately I only wrote two parts – looking at the goalkeepers and defenders – before getting distracted and not utilising my time to start parts three and four. Now, it’s far too late.

Unfinished business.

It was a similar situation with my travel posts. Despite my interrailing adventure occurring between August – September 2015, I only finished writing about it earlier this year. I also went to Australia for six weeks from October – November 2015 but, although I have planned to write about this adventure for my blog… it’s now September and I still haven’t.

Unfinished business.

I guess what I am saying is, if you’re going to start a blog, make time for it. If you’re going to start something, ensure you have the time to finish it. The longer you leave it, the harder it becomes.

And no-one likes having unfinished business.


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