#13 – Visit Milford Sound, New Zealand

‘It’s actually a fjord’ – pretty much anyone who has been there

Milford Sound. A must-see. If you didn’t go to Milford Sound when you were in New Zealand, did you really go to New Zealand at all?

I went in late 2016 whilst touring with Kiwi Experience, a pretty sweet company who help hapless backpackers (like myself) see all the great bits of New Zealand without the hassle of doing much research before you begin (literally). They provide a great starting point for anyone who wants to stay in New Zealand, but has no idea where to begin – other than in Queenstown because it is party and adrenaline central.

Anyway, Milford Sound. Beautiful place really.  It is actually a fjord like those made famous in Norway, but was mistaken for a sound and the name stuck. I quite enjoy it mind you. Milford Sound rolls off the tongue a lot easier than Milford Fjord would – it’s not quite as harsh sounding.


Milford Sound, not Milford Fjord

My visit, on 9th November 2016, coincided with some unfortunately poor weather. As a result, the pictures don’t quite do the views justice. I was with my cousin Maire and her other half Luis, as we stood out on the boat we were taking the tour on, getting splashed with froth from the waves. It’s often called – allegedly – the ‘Eighth Modern Wonder of the World’. I haven’t seen the other seven yet so I am not sure how it compares, but it certainly is something else.

There’s plenty of waterfalls here too. And some kissing turtles. I feel sorry for the turtles though mind, because they have no choice but to kiss forever – imagine the cramp!

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