#16 – Ride a Horse

Ride the horse in the direction that it’s going – Werner Erhard

It might seem an unusual one, having this particular element on my bucket list. But the story behind it should help it makes sense. I mean, I was just a little kid when I was thrown from the back of a small horse, which began an ever-lingering distrust of these majestic creatures.

Yes, majestic. Because that is what they are. Absolutely beautiful animals are horses, and I always find myself admiring them from afar. Up close is a different story altogether, my natural instinct being to back away. Still, I was determined to over-come this and, whilst on Magnetic Island in October 2015, I put myself into a position to ensure I would.

If you’re scared or nervous about doing something, my advice is just to go ahead and book it. My logic for this is that once you have booked and/or paid for something, then you’re going to lose out financially if you don’t follow through with it. So, I paid for the opportunity to go horse-riding with Horseshoe Bay Ranch. Simple, right?


Thankfully, this one decided not to throw me off mid-ride!

Before beginning the ride, I was asked whether or not I had any experience. I told them no, before revealing how nervous I was feeling and the reasons why. The ranch were amazingly accommodating and, because every other rider there had been in the saddle of a horse before, one of the guides actually rode alongside me the whole way – we even tried a canter at certain points!

I did elect not to ride through the ocean without a saddle, choosing instead to observe from a distance – there were only so many risks I was willing to take!

So yeah, that’s something for you. Horses. Let me admire them from afar, but don’t force me to get up close to them. I won’t take that too well at all.

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