(Untitled thoughts of one who is feeling inspired)

Inspiration truly can come from the most unlikely of sources when you least expect it. It’s not like I have been in need of any inspiration recently, because I feel more focussed and more driven now than at any point since leaving the UK. But it’s always nice to find something that will push you just that little bit more.

Which brings me on to something I came across this morning, which hits home harder than it may have done this time last week, due to the events in Manchester.

Whilst scrolling through FB to see how my friends back home and across the world are getting on, a trailer video for a Ch4 TV show – “First Dates” – popped up (odd premise in my opinion but hey, I don’t get reality TV at all). Anyway, this video focused on a first date between an older gent and lady. The gent was discussing how he’d lost his wife 7 years previously, as well as one of his children who had been in their 30’s. This was then followed by one of the most profound insights on life, which I have probably heard before but chosen not to acknowledge:

“It’s not a practice run is it, life.”

“No, it’s so bloody short and so many people don’t realise that. They waste their lives, and I don’t want to live with any regrets”

Now, whether it is due to circumstance, upbringing, or attitude, everyone has a different ideal from what they want to get out of their life, and I am in no way attacking or criticising that. We are all different people with different desires making different decisions. But we do only get one life. Right now, for example, I am living a life I could have only dreamed about and never truly expected it to happen. No it isn’t perfect but then again, what is?  Why would you want a perfect life when one of the best things about it is the challenges that are thrown our way?

Right now, I am facing a couple of challenges that will allow me to continue and extend the life I am currently living abroad. Thanks to my ever-growing bucket list, I have goals to drive me on along the way, to remind me to step up and push on when the going gets tough.

Because they are right. We do only get one life and I don’t want to live it with any regrets. I want a life filled with experiences, with travel, with adventure, with learning and understanding. I’m not going to waste the opportunities that myself and others (cheers family you bunch of superstars) have worked so hard to give me

It may not end up being the easiest life, or the most financially rewarding, but it will be mine.


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