#34 – Learn how to drive a car

‘Always focus on the front windshield
and not the review mirror’
– Colin Powell

It’s like a coming of age thing in the UK, learning how to drive a car. As you approach your 17th, your peers and family start going crazy. Questions are thrown at you left right and centre;

  • “Have you arranged your provisional license yet?”
  • “Who are you going to learn with?”
  • “Will you go private or through a company?”
  • “Are your parents going to get you a car? What car are you going to get?”
  • “Will your parents put you on their insurance like mine did?”
  • “Is your theory test booked?”

Like, seriously. It’s crazy. The questions are never-ending and everyone asks the exact same thing. Honestly, if you’re not careful you could end up like a deer caught in headlights – just stood, staring at the people who are obviously saying words relating to learning how to drive, whilst your jaw kind of hinges open with a little bit of saliva in the corner.

So anyway. In the UK your 17th birthday comes around and the majority of people expect you to take your theory straight away, begin your lessons that same day and then take your test within 3 months. Honestly, if you celebrate a September birthday, you automatically become the most popular person in the year group because you are the one with a car who can drive everyone around.

FYI, that wasn’t me. No, I was the one whose birthday is at the end of the schooling year in July, who didn’t begin their lessons until winter had set in, didn’t take their theory test until the next spring, then failed their driving test twice – for silly, avoidable reasons – before passing third time lucky.

Still, I learnt how to drive a car right? I may have only driven like what, 5 times since I passed back in 2011, but I still learnt. I still have that pink license… even if one corner is now missing and the other three are slightly dented.


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