#42 – Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

‘Edinburgh is a beautiful city and has
a wonderful tradition of supporting the arts’
– Peter Hambleton

I’ve always had a wonderful relationship with Edinburgh. When I was younger I didn’t appreciate the city quite as much as I should have done, but ever since my 18th birthday I have put in a lot of effort to get to know it better.

It’s due to my mothers branch of the family that this connection to the city exists. Although born in Essex, they relocated to just outside Edinburgh (a place called Musselburgh) when she was like three or something. Anyway, they are still there and my mum still holds a strong affinity to Scotland.

One of Edinburgh’s biggest attractions is the fringe festival, one of the largest arts festivals in the world.It’s a definite must-see for anyone and everyone. Having grown up close to Edinburgh, my mum has quite a few mementos from different fringe festivals that she has attended over the years. The fact that I was never in Edinburgh whilst the festival was on, only served to raise its esteem in my eyes. Eventually, it grew to a level where it became an obsession: I had to go. So, I made it happen. And it was wonderful.

Edinburgh is transformed during the fringe festival. Street performers are on every corner, and there is something special in the atmosphere. Banners and bunting are hung up across Old Town bringing a new vibrancy to the city. Flyers are everywhere, advertising every avenue and variant of theatre that you can imagine. It’s absolute paradise.

My first time at the fringe will stick long in the memory due to a verbatim theatrical performance that I went to see. Not only did it inspire me to experiment with verbatim theatre at Uni, it touched on a subject close to my heart, which was the campaign for justice for the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

I’ve been back a couple of times since, and it has been grand. I’ll definitely continue going as well, way into the future.


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