#44 – Visit the Louvre

‘What’s the name of that famous museum in Paris? The Louvre?
I went through that place in 20 minutes’
– Peter Falk

Growing up, the Louvre if often fantasised about as one of the “must-sees” for any trip into Paris – especially for art lovers of all backgrounds. The diversity of styles, and the eras that are represented are well documented, as is the vast underground and overground space that it consumes.

Although I had been to Paris previously, the opportunity to visit the Louvre always escaped me, which I found rather irksome. So, when I went to visit my friend Heather in October 2016, getting to the Louvre was a top priority which – thankfully – she was in agreement with me on.

Four entrances, endless catacombs, and lost for a few hours is exactly how you would sum up my Louvre experience. It’s not that I was disappointed, or that my expectations were not met, but it was just another extensive exhibit at the end of the day. Much like the ones I have seen in Florence, London, Edinburgh etc. The main size was the sheer scale of what was on offer.

See as I got older, became better-travelled and more experienced, and gathered more knowledge of the world around me, the strength of the fantasies revolving around the Louvre that gripped me in my youth began to fade. Eventually, my longing to visit this famed museum was informed by an unfulfilled desire that had gradually built up over time.

It’s still kind of cool to say that I have been to the Louvre though, and experienced some of the riches that it has on offer. However, Paris has so much more to offer you if you fancy looking for it. Don’t necessarily prioritise it for any visit to the city, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to see it whilst you are there.


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