#47 – Visit Stonehenge, England

‘Why the ancient civilizations who built the place did not
use the easier, nearby rocks remains a mystery.
But the skills and knowledge on display
at Stonehenge are not’
– Neil deGrasse Tyson

If I’m completely honest, I have a very fuzzy memory of my trip to Stonehenge. I was quite young at the time, possibly not even a teenager, but certain parts of the day do remain crystal clear to me. The first of these memories centres – unsurprisingly – around food.  More specifically, cold sausage sandwich with ketchup for breakfast at sunrise. Honestly, when it comes to insanely good breakfast foods to have after an early start and a journey, never underestimate a good old tasty cold sausage sandwich.

The second thing I remember – or believe I remember – is that at the time of our visit there was either some construction work or excavation work going on. I am not sure why they were doing it, or what they were hoping to get out of it, but I am certain that it left certain areas restricted as you walked around. However this didn’t stop the crowds, and wow were there crowds! Even at a stupidly early time of morning I remember plenty of bodies walking around, gawping and gazing at the century old rocks.

Looking back on this trip though, I definitely didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have, or as much as I would if I were to return now I am older. The potential reasons for this vary from perhaps being too young to truly understand exactly what I was seeing, to being confused about why some randomly placed rocks could hold such significance.

As I have become older, those possible attitudes have definitely changed. Whether Stonehenge is a ritualistic site, a marker from a “different” time, a barrier protecting the world, or the final resting place of a legendary king, one thing for certain is that I will return at some point with my eyes – and mind – wide open.


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