Callum’s 2017 Adventures: Great Ocean Road & Grampians 2D1N Tour pt.2

In part 1 of this two part adventure post, I left us heading off to the overnight accommodation after watching the sun set over the London Arch. However, what I failed to mention was that at the accommodation we entertained ourselves with alcohol and a game of ‘pretzel Olympics’ (basically throwing pretzels at each other and trying to catch them in our mouths – I guess you had to be there really).

The late night bled into an early morning as well all rose before sunrise in order to make it to the Boroka Lookout. This part of the trip was optional, but I am glad that I took part. I even found and – using my camera – framed a perfect little spot that I had worked out the suns morning rays would illuminate beautifully. Unfortunately, even though I had my set-up ready and waiting for the perfect moment, I was unable to get the photo I dearly wanted because people kept getting in my way, not even taking the time to ask if I had finished what I was doing. As a result I decided to photography all of them instead and create a little album compilation; You can view the entire album by clicking here.


The moment I had been waiting for… plus some additional people who refused to budge


The sunrise from another angle / position – it was almost like I had placed these onlookers myself

With the sun now high in the sky, it was back to our accommodation for breakfast, before heading out to the first of several lookouts on our whistle-stop tour of the Grampians National Park. The Grampians covers… a lot of space – over 600 sq mi in fact. Also, it was declared a national park in the 1980’s and added to the Australian World Heritage list in the mid-2000’s.

Now a lookout is a lookout, and I won’t bother you with the details of each and every one we went to because you can look up each of them yourselves. However, I will tell you about Mackenzie Falls, because Mackenzie Falls was a pretty cool location. See, unlike when I was in New Zealand – which pretty much involved visiting a new waterfall every other day – my time in Australia was distinctly lacking in waterfalls. Moreover, our tour guide Darren happened to be a keen photographer with a great eye for a picture. After several chats about different styles and showing each other some of our work, Darren decide to share with me some tips and tricks to taking photos in certain conditions and/or circumstances. Consequently, I was finally able to create an image that I had desperately wanted to for a couple of years.


Finally, a photo where the falling water is all beautiful and smooth

Our final stop at the Grampians was far and away my favourite though. It was just after midday when we reached the summit for the final lookout point, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the views were breathtaking. We all kind of just sat down on the rocks and stared out across the lands below. No sound. It was relaxing, peaceful… perfect.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and straightforward; an extremely long drive home. I felt sorry for our tour guide really, but I guess he is used to that particular drive by now.

Anyway, this is definitely a tour worth taking, whether by yourself or with friends.  I had an absolute whale of a time.




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