So long St Kilda

Aside from an ill-fated stint in Caulfield and a short spell being looked after by my extended family, the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda has been my home since I arrived into Australia back in December.

Tomorrow, due to various reasons, I’ll be moving to the CBD. Somewhere fresh. Somewhere new. It is going to be strange, that is for sure.

Walking along the beach tonight, it struck me just how many people I’ve met, and just how many memories I’ve made in St Kilda in such a relatively short time.

After all, this is where I met my first housemates and my two closest travelling friends (although one has recently left Aus for good). It is also where I spent my Christmas Day eve, my New Years, Australia Day…

There were drunken nights, casual drinking nights, minor celebrations over little things. Bingo nights, quiz nights, summer nights spent watching the sunset over the sea.

It has been the home of hello’s and goodbye’s. Occasionally a source of frustration, but often a source of joy.

I recieved my first tattoo here. Celebrated first christmas on the beach.

I could enjoy my own company – much like tonight – with isolated walks down the beachfront, or I could invite company, stay out until 3am despite it being the middle of winter and having work the next day.

It really has been wonderful living here. I’m sad to go, but it is always good to move somewhere new. This will give me a chance to spend more free time in central Melbourne, rather than always just travelling in and out for work.

So, so long St Kilda. So long 3182.


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