#105 – Eat Steak Tartare in France

Although popular throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the (now) modern variation of steak tartare was first served in French restaurants during the early 20th century. This version – which features finely chopped/minced raw beef, onion, capers, raw egg, ground peppers and, on occasion, Worcestershire sauce – is something that I had always wanted to try without ever really knowing why.

However, I knew that the only country I would eat this dish in was France. For me, aside from escargot (snails) and frog’s legs (yeah they actually eat them?!), steak tartare is french cuisine. Yes, I know that France is the home of choice cheeses, commendable croissants and quaint quiche but, for me, the strange steak tartare tops them all.

So, one my visit to Paris back in 2016, despite really not quite understanding the tastes that were in store for me, I took the plunge and ordered the dish. Safe to say, although I managed to eat it all (and tried bone marrow at the same time), it’s not a dish that I’ll be in a hurry to order again soon.

That isn’t to say it wasn’t nice or enjoyable, but it was strange. And rich. In fact, it was ridiculously rich and I struggled to finish it as a result.

Still, the quintessential French dish that is steak tartare eaten in France? Done. Ticked that one off the list.
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