(Untitled thoughts of one who has been away for a year and counting)

Well, what a difference a year makes! A year ago today I had just landed in New Zealand and was scrambling around trying to find away to find my phone, ID, and credit card, having left them behind in the car of the people who had driven me from the airport to my hostel – it was made all the harder by the fact that I had only met these people on the flight itself!

It is strange to think that it has been 12months since I last stepped out on English soil. So much has happened since then, however it is safe to say that nothing has quite gone the way I expected since leaving New Zealand last December.

The simple reason for this is that I never expected to end up making a home for myself in Melbourne. In fact, I am just about to enter my 11th month of living in this wonderful city!

Originally I had intended to secure myself a 2nd year visa through completing my farm work. Instead, my time in Australia will be up at the end of my current visa and I will look to spread my wings once more and travel further afield to a brand new country, a brand new destination.

Not that I would change anything that has happened over the past year. The experiences have been grand and have certainly been beneficial for me. I’ve made friendships and memories that I hope will last a lifetime that I would not have had the opportunity to experience should my plans have worked out differently. After all, how can you miss what you never experienced?!

I am truly grateful for everyone I have met this past year, although it does fill me with fear that my future looks so uncertain. I have fallen in love with Melbourne and am not looking forward to having to leave. Fiji will be my first destination come December, followed in swift succession by trips to Alice Springs / Uluru and Sydney (for Xmas & NYE).

Then it is January and I will be leaving behind everyone I have come to know and love. A new start, a new adventure… and new faces.

But that is also exciting. I won’t be forgetting those I am leaving behind any time soon, and in fact I am already planning potential reunions with a handful which will bring me unbridled joy I am sure.

Uncertainty is an uncomfortable feeling, and uncertain is how I feel right now. Which country should I leave Australia for? Have I saved enough money to see me through? What do I want my next experience to involve?
Then again, uncertainty is what is to be expected when you live a life without any permanent roots. It is how you learn, how you constantly challenge yourself, how you grow.

Flexibility has never been one of my strongest points as I’ve always found it hard to go with the slow. I love itineraries. I love making plans. I love to know the next step… this time I don’t and, whilst nerve-wracking, plenty of people have assured me it is the right attitude to hold at this moment in time. Don’t think about it to much and make a split decision when you need to, because you can always work out everything else from there.

Despite this, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. The more people I meet, the bigger the world becomes and the more places I want to go. I am no longer going to commit to a time-frame, because I will know in myself when it is time to stop and, at that point, I’ll focus on finding somewhere I can call home.

One year and counting y’all. Here’s to the future, one country at a time!


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  1. You will love Sydney at New Years! So glad you will be there as it’s definitely a once in a lifetime! Melbourne is such an amazing city and I always tell people it was my favourite one. Makes sense that you would stay there a while. Best of luck on your future adventures ❤️❤️

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