#50 – Have a bonfire on the beach

‘Insert Quote Here’ – Teo Wolter

This memory will live on in me for as a long as I will live because it was a truly special evening for me, even if it did take me 23years to get there.

The site of my first beach bonfire experience was Hot Water Beach on New Zealand’s North Island. One of the guys that I had met right at the start of my Kiwi Experience trip – Teo – and I had made our minds up quite early on that we would be spending our one evening at Hot Water Beach sat under the stars with a little bonfire, so en route to the location we picked up marshmallows to toast over the open flames.

We made our way down to the beach after sunset, following a path illuminated by the greenish-blue light of glowworms. The night sky above us was the most beautiful one that I have seen to date, aided by the fact that there was little to no light pollution in the area.

With no moonlight to hide them from view, constellations danced through the night sky. They were so vivid that I need only close my eyes and I am transported back there in an instant, with the seven sisters standing out in particular, sparkling like little diamonds. It wasn’t just myself and Teo though, as a couple of other members of our tour group came down to join us.

As the fire began to reduce to burning embers, one by one the others slowly made their way back to our dorms, whilst Teo and I stayed behind to have one final beer. Just as we were about to make a move, the moon started to rise up over the horizon, it’s light swallowing up all the stars in sight. We stayed until it was fully in the sky before making our way back underneath it’s tangible glow.

Great people and a great night. One that I shall hopefully never forget.


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