#68 – Hitchhike

‘One of the more tiring aspects of hitchhiking is a need to be sociable and make conversation with whoever is driving you.
It would be considered poor form to accept a ride, hop into the passenger seat and then simply to crash out until you reached your destination
‘ – Tony Hawks

Unlike Tony Hawks, I am afraid to say that I did indeed crash out during my hitchhiking experience. Now, my hitchhiking experience may not be quite so exotic / painstakingly frustrating / dangerous (delete as appropriate) as other people’s experiences might be, but I believe that it still counts.

The reason I crashed out was the circumstance. For one, it was other backpackers who picked us up. Secondly, the backseat of the VW was a bed. Thirdly we had just walked the Tongariro Crossing, and I had carried my own backpack as well as my friends who was struggling quite badly towards the end.

The reason we had to hitchhike was tied into the latter reason. Due to difficulty and pain my friend found herself in, our progress was delayed meaning that we missed the last bus back to our hostel in Taupo, which is nearly 2hrs away. Fortunately we met a couple on the last stretch of the walk who were kind enough to drive us home, even though it was a little bit out of the way for them.

As I mentioned at the start, I unceremoniously crashed out, which was bad form indeed. Fortunately my friend remained awake and happily chatted to them for the journey’s duration!

Hitchhiking… been there, done that. Definitely an easier experience that what most every one else would ever have.


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