coming of age

#34 – Learn how to drive a car

‘Always focus on the front windshield
and not the review mirror’
– Colin Powell

It’s like a coming of age thing in the UK, learning how to drive a car. As you approach your 17th, your peers and family start going crazy. Questions are thrown at you left right and centre;

  • “Have you arranged your provisional license yet?”
  • “Who are you going to learn with?”
  • “Will you go private or through a company?”
  • “Are your parents going to get you a car? What car are you going to get?”
  • “Will your parents put you on their insurance like mine did?”
  • “Is your theory test booked?”

Like, seriously. It’s crazy. The questions are never-ending and everyone asks the exact same thing. Honestly, if you’re not careful you could end up like a deer caught in headlights – just stood, staring at the people who are obviously saying words relating to learning how to drive, whilst your jaw kind of hinges open with a little bit of saliva in the corner.