(Untitled thoughts of one who has been away for a year and counting)

Well, what a difference a year makes! A year ago today I had just landed in New Zealand and was scrambling around trying to find away to find my phone, ID, and credit card, having left them behind in the car of the people who had driven me from the airport to my hostel – it was made all the harder by the fact that I had only met these people on the flight itself!

It is strange to think that it has been 12months since I last stepped out on English soil. So much has happened since then, however it is safe to say that (more…)


Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA; a review


A theatrical company with a prestigious reputation, the progressive and inspiring Cirque du Soleil have been wow-ing audiences around the world since their founding in 1984. Currently, it is the largest theatrical production company in the world, delivery multiple shows at many locations simultaneously.

KOOZA itself first premiered in 2007, and has been touring ever since. Its longevity testament to the performers who are brought in and its timeless story-line that truly resonates with the audience. It follows the journey of “the Innocent”, a naive child-like character who is blissfully unaware of the world around him.

Staged in a performance space inspired by a traditional touring circus tent, the performance itself utilises clowning in combination with acrobatics to create a breathtaking piece of work that leaves you spellbound and on the edge of your seat. Each “act” typifies another stage in the Innocents journey, with comic relief provided in the form of the King of Fools and his two clown sidekicks. Meanwhile the “ringmaster” character – known as “The Trickster” – constantly enables the performance to move forward with aplomb.

Watching the cast of KOOZA perform, it is hard to describe them as anything other than athletes. They are at the peak of their physical powers, pushing themselves beyond the boundary of what could be expected. The risk involved should not be taken lightly either, with several deaths haunting the troupe over the last couple of years, although none of them in this particular touring show.

Technically, this show cannot be described as anything other than a triumph. From the carefully orchestrated scenes, to the deliberate foot positions, and the well-organised “distractions” to mask the scene changes, everything had its place and nothing could be deemed unnecessary.

Superlatives constantly roll off the tongue, and none of the praise unwarranted. In spite of their reputation, many of the work must truly be seen to believe. And whilst some may scoff at their ticket prices, I would argue that they are a bargain when compared to some other shows that honestly cannot compete with what they offer.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t a great review, but the spectacle that is KOOZA is hard to put into words. If the opportunity ever comes your way – or if another Cirque du Soliel show comes to a city near you – don’t think twice. Don’t worry about the cost. Just go,

So long St Kilda

Aside from an ill-fated stint in Caulfield and a short spell being looked after by my extended family, the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda has been my home since I arrived into Australia back in December.

Tomorrow, due to various reasons, I’ll be moving to the CBD. Somewhere fresh. Somewhere new. It is going to be strange, that is for sure.

Walking along the beach tonight, it struck me just how many people I’ve met, and just how many memories I’ve (more…)

Callum’s 2017 Adventures: Great Ocean Road & Grampians 2D1N Tour pt.1

If you have come looking for an article that will given you an in-depth and detailed travel guide to both the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians National Park then I apologise, because you are sorely mistaken. However, if you have come looking for a little information about possible places/landmarks to visit (and some kick-ass photos to boot) then continue reading about my recent journey, courtesy of Wildlife Tours Australia.

Although I left the UK to travel, I came to Aus on a working holiday visa, so I could to top up my bank account and earn some money to help fund future travel plans. However, working full-time can be quite a bore, so you do need to do things to stop you falling into a rut. Fortunately my job allows me every second weekend off and, since I am living in Melbourne, I decided to use those weekends to try and get myself completing some of recommended activities for the area. One of these happened to be the Great Ocean Road, something that I wasn’t quite able to do on my previous visit back in 2015. As the whole weekend was free, I thought I’d splash out and go for the tour that included a visit to the Grampians as well.

The Great Ocean Road officially starts in Torquay, but if effectively takes you from Melbourne to Adelaide (or vice versa). It is known as one of the worlds greatest scenic drives, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because, well, you spend the entire time with the ocean on one side of you. (more…)