#46 – Visit the Eiffel Tower, Paris

‘The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower. They’re monumental.
They’re straight out of Page 52 in your school history book’
–  Billy Crystal

The Eiffel Tower. The “Iron Lady”. A single structure that is synonymous with both Paris and France. This iron behemoth was once the worlds tallest structure, and is as beautiful as it is intimidating. Moreover no visit to Paris can be said to be complete without seeing it and, even though I have been several times now, my most recent visit was my favourite.

Previously I had only ever visited the tower during daylight hours, but Heather reminded me that at night it lights up, with a beacon at its peak, shining through the sky. So on a beautiful autumn evening we found ourselves gazing up at at the illuminated body (more…)


Callum’s 2015 Adventures: Interrailing pt.3 Warsaw, Poland

‘Cultivation, old civilization, beauty, history!
Surprising turnings of streets, shapes of venerable cottages, lovely aged eaves, unexpected and gossamer turrets, steeples, the gloss, the antiquity! Gardens.
Whoever speaks of Paris has never seen Warsaw’
– Agnes Ozick

Day 6: Warsaw 21.08.15

Plan of Action

  • Make travel reservations to Krakow
  • Visit the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”

After what felt like a very busy start to my trip around Europe, Warsaw was included to represent a little break from the busier tourist destinations.