#94 – Watch Cirque du Soleil

‘Cirque du Soleil means Circus of the Sun. When I need to take time
to re-energize, I go somewhere by the ocean to sit back
and watch the sunsets. That is where the idea of ‘Soleil’ came from,
on a beach in Hawaii,
and because the sun is the symbol of youth and energy’
– Guy Laliberte

On 12th March 2017, after falling in love with the theatre company Cirque du Soleil many years previously whilst at University, I was finally able to see them live.

Touring Australia with their show KOOZA, I was able to see their performance at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne. Described the The Independant as “a show that blends, almost to perfection, its subcontinental sounds, its stunning lighting and costumes with theatrical ingenuity and acrobatic wonder”, my expectations were high and my excitement ever-growing. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

My full review of Kooza can be read here, but needless to say I was absolutely blown away. These are athletes at the peak of their powers, pushing their bodies to the limits, all to put on the best display they can for us to feast upon with our eyes. At times, it was mesmerising. At others, inspiring.


Myself and Roxy in front of the Cirque du Soleil ‘Kooza’ poster

Fantastical, humorous, risk-defying, sublime, tremendous, phenomenal. There really aren’t enough words. If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to see any of Cirque du Soleil’s performances I have only one word for you: go.


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